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Mental Toughness is a personal characteristic that helps you deal better with stress, pressures and challenges. The Mentally Tough are mentally and physically healthier, perform better and get the best out themselves.

At Mental Toughness online we believe everybody deserves to become the best version of themselves. Our mission is to bring Mental Toughness to the world.

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Read our online introduction. Take our free Mental Toughness lifestyle survey and grab a copy of our self-help book. If you need extra help, our passionate and experienced coaches are there to help you further.


My Strong Mind: A Story About Developing Mental Strength


Do you want to teach your children about Confidence, Resilience and a Growth Mindset? With My Strong Mind your children will be introduced to mental strength and learn about techniques to develop their own strong mind.

The story is about Kate, a sporty and happy girl who uses her strong mind to tackle her daily challenges with a positive attitude.


Grab a copy of this book to take the next step in being yourself at your best.


Take our free survey and then use this 40-page book for Mental Toughness self-improvement. You’ll learn about:

• 15 characteristics that are proven to improve your Mental Toughness
• References to find your own personal strengths

• Dozens of simple self-intervention techniques
• Exercises to discover your personal situation
• Powerful personal self-improvement stories
• Books and apps to further help you

…and much more

For corporate copies you can contact us here

Coaching Services


Read our introduction and take our free survey to measure 15 life style characteristics that are proven to increase your Mental Toughness. You’ll receive a personalized report that identifies where you can improve. Then grab our self-help book to guide you and change your habits.

Virtual Coaching

Our passionate coaches help you first of all understand your personal situation. They provide strategies and interventions to align your life and work to achieve and maintain high levels of life satisfaction, well-being and performance. Virtual, efficient and at a time and location that suits you.

Leadership Coaching

We deliver team workshops and coach leaders in your organization to improve well-being and performance in themselves and their teams. We use the MTQ48, the world’s best Mental Toughness measurement, to assess your organization’s Mental Toughness. We provide scalable solutions to build in-house and licensed Mental Toughness coaching capability.

About Niels

For 20 years, I worked as supply chain executive and consultant in a variety of countries, industries and large multinational companies.  In 2014, I went through an episode where I felt at the maximum of my mental capacity and coping ability. I learned that some characteristics and habits that got me through that time and luckily came natural to me, are those of the Mentally Tough. I became an accredited Mental Toughness coach and started to bring Mental Toughness to the world.

I believe that every individual or business can excel if obstacles are removed and the right mindset is created. As a coach, it is incredibly fulfilling to see my clients grow and get better at whatever they wish to pursue. I sincerely hope that will be a useful guide in your journey to get the best out of yourself.

May Mental Toughness be with you.



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