How I Beat My Bully – a book about a strong girl

How I Beat My Bully – a book about a strong girl
July 29, 2019 Niels van Hove

I’m very happy to announce my new picture book; How I Beat My Bully.

This story is based on real life experiences from a young Australian girl. And luckily in the end a confident and strong girl. At the time of the story, she was a third-grade student. This is her story with some of her advice on how she beat her bully.

You can find the book here on Amazon!

There are lots of aspects to bullying and there are many different types – verbal, physical, emotional, social, and cyberbullying. By no means do we suggest this story solves being bullied in every situation.

What her mum and the author want to provide, is a picture book that supports a conversation between adult and child about bullying. Telling a trusted person that you’re being bullied is one of the most important steps to take for a child in this situation. It is also important for caretakers and educators to tune into any changes in behaviour and body language children might display.

Finally, we want to convey the message that although the main character had a terrible time, she discovered her self-worth and came out as a stronger, more resilient and confident young girl.

This is what she said after she read the book;

I am so happy that my horrible story can be shared with the world! I am also so grateful that with this book my story will be able to help other people going through the same thing to get through it.

She hopes that her story will inspire and help many children around the world!