My Strong Mind IV has arrived

My Strong Mind IV has arrived
August 21, 2021 Niels van Hove

I’m very happy to share that I recently published

My Strong Mind – I am Pro-active and Keep my Eomtions in Check.

In this book Jack and Kate discover they can make their own choices, be kind, be mindful, understand their emotional zone, their breath, and many other things. Along with Jack and Kate, help your child learn some simple techniques to improve their understanding of emotional control.

The control attribute of mental toughness describes the extent to which someone feels in control of their life and circumstances. It also describes the extent to which a person can control their emotions. We can be sure our children will have to deal with adversity and need to show control during their life. The examples in this book simply show some techniques and small interventions that can lead to increased emotional control and better outcomes.

Includes a great emotional control exercise at the end of the book.

Check it out on Amzon in the US, UK, Canada or Australia


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